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Nona Roguy Postnatal Akar Herbanika - Herbal Tea

Nona Roguy Postnatal Akar Herbanika - Herbal Tea
#NR-02 Nona Roguy Postnatal Akar Herbanika - Herbal Tea

Nona Roguy Postpartum Akar Herbanika
(Herbal Tea)

Note: 1 sachet to be used for 3 days.

Popular amongst ancient Malays this herbal health drink is specially prepared from selected herbal roots and spices. It is an integral part of the internal cleansing programme. Daily intake helps to enhance body vitality by purifying the blood, strengthen and increase body nutrition, reduce excessive body fluid by regulating urination and help relieve fatigue and joint pain. Traditionally used to increase body nutritional value for women after childbirth, to strengthen and freshen the weak body. Balanced diet and regular exercises are essential.

1. Dip 2 sachets of Akar Herbanika with 1 mug of hot water.
2. If the herbal tea is too thick, dilute with water to make it lighter.
3. Add pure honey to sweeten it.
4. Drink it warm at least 2-4 mugs daily during confinement.
5. For mothers with excess wind in the body, to boil 5 sachets of Akar Herbanika with slices of Old Ginger in 1 liter of water.
6. Add pure honey to every drink. Drink it warm.

Keep the used teabag in the fridge for external usage in treating tired eyes and eyebags. Place the teabag onto the eyelid and relax for 1 hour.

Key Ingredients:

1) Piper Betle Folium / Piper Betle Leaf / Daun Sireh.
- A native plant from Malaysia. It is used in an infusion to cure indigestion, and relieve constipation.

2) Curcuma Xanthorriza Rhizom / Temulawak / Javanese Turmeric / Greater Galanga.
- Used as an aid to indigestion. It is also known to lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and increase breast milk production.


In Malay
  • Memperbanyakkan & memperlancarkan pengeluaran susu ibu.
  • Menyegarkan urat saraf ibu selepas bersalin serta mengatasi keletihan & kelesuan badan.
  • Melawaskan pengeluaran angin dalaman dan sistem pembuangan air kecil.
  • Melancarkan pengeluaran darah bantal & nifas.
  • Mengatasi masalah sembab angin & air.
Nota: 1 paket untuk 3 hari kegunaan.

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