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Postpartum Belly Wrap - Bengkung Lilit

Postpartum Belly Wrap - Bengkung Lilit
#BL - 1 Postpartum Belly Wrap - Bengkung Lilit

Traditional Postpartum Belly Wrap Bengkung Lilit
(Length 12 m, width 30 cm)
What is the traditional Postpartum Belly Wrap Bengkung?
It is a traditional Malay belly compression binding method after childbirth. Actually they look like long mummy-wraps, but the Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) is an "instant" version that is easy to put on, even without anyone else helping you. The Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) will help you with your posture during feedings, and may help to reduce the all too common back & shoulder pain associated with breastfeeding. Ultimately, the Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) will aid in getting you back to your pre pregnancy size faster than ever!
Quality Wise:
  • Made from cotton, comfortable and breathable, yet sturdy.
  • Beige outside, doesn't show much through cloths.
  • The material is nonslip, that makes it easy to tighten and tie. The Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) goes till below your hips, so going to the toilet is a bit tricky. You could tie it yourself pretty well, though it is easier if someone else does it for you.

How To Use Method 1:
1. Start from the bottom, wrap all the way up, make it tight or as comfortable as you like.
2. Slip tightly end of the cloth either infront or back.

How To Use Method 2:
1. Start from the bottom, divide cloth into same length
2. Wrap cloth around and tie knot infront tightly.
3. Keep on do the wrapping around and do the knotting upward position till end of cloth.
4. Finally tie tightly both end of the cloth.

The Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) is very essential for women after childbirth as it will help you to get back in good shape especially on tummy and hip. It is more widely used among Malays but nowadays, more and more women realized the importance of taking good care of their body after childbirth and hence the use of Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) is becoming common for all other races too.
Read on to find out more about Bengkung and how it works for you.

Is it necessary to wear Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung)?
Yes. Using Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) after delivery of baby will help to prevent “wind” from entering our body and keep us warm. Besides, it also helps to hold our body in good shape and correct posture (you will walk and sit straight after wearing the bengkung).

What is the feature of a good Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung)?
A good Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) would have long diameter to cover from under chest all the way down to below the hip, this will ensure a strong support to our womb and it is really important. If a Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) is too short, it will not stay firm when we move around, this will put pressure on to our womb and will also affect the overall shape of our body. In other words, wearing a wrong Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) is worse than not wearing one.

How long do we need to wear Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) during postpartum period?
It is advisable to start wearing it 4 days after normal delivery up to whenever you like. It is best if you could wear it all day long, even during sleeping hours. Therefore, it is better to have at least 2 sets of Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) so that you could wash and change every other day. Bear in mind that you’ll sweat a lot during postpartum period and hygiene is very important so that it will nott cause any skin irritation.

Can I wear Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) if I deliver by C-section?
Please consult your gynae before you start wearing any Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung), normally it will be at least 2 weeks after delivery or longer, depending on individual condition.

How could wearing Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) helps me?
Wearing the right Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) correctly can help to reshape your body faster and more efficiently. It could also hold you up in the correct posture by supporting your back bone, (especially for breastfeeding mums who always tend to sit and bend their back while breastfeeding the baby) and hence can prevent or minimize back pain. Wearing Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) also helps to tone up your abdominal muscles and shape up your hip after childbirth.

Is Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) only made for women after childbirth?
No. Anybody who wishes to shape up their body will find Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) is very useful, even male.

Is it necessary to apply any lotion before wearing Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung)?
It is not necessary but using Postpartum Belly Wrap (Bengkung) after applying slimming lotion or cream will helps to expedite the absorption into your skin.

Some of the statements here were excerpts from “Ensiklopedia Perbidanan Melayu - Sebuah Perbendaharaan Ilmu Perubatan dan Penjagaan Kesihatan" written by Datin Sharifah Anisah Barakba.

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